The Perfect Romantic Getaway

We can’t believe we are already into February of 2017, the year is going so quick! With that, Valentines Day is just around the corner and we have put together a list of places for the perfect romantic getaway. 

Our list is based solely on places we have been as we felt it was the only way to make suggestions to you as we have experienced these cities first hand. 


1. Paris

Paris is always on everyone’s list and while it does sound cliche to go for Valentine’s Day it is a perfect suggestion as it isn’t called the city of love for no reason! Full of romantic restaurants and plenty to do that is why it is on our list. 


2. Venice

Another city of love, Venice often gets overlooked and we don’t know why as it’s just spectacular and one of the most picturesque places we have been to. Even though the weather isn’t that great this time of year, something about Venice in the winter is very romantic.


3. Florence
Florence is another beautiful city and we don’t know many people who have been. This is a pity as Florence is very scenic and relaxed which is perfect for a weekend away.


4. Barcelona

We have been here on separate trips with family but Barcelona is on the list as it is just a fantastic and fun city. Take a stroll through the gardens of Park Guell for romantic views of the city! Even though the temperatures are not at the highest Barcelona is still an amazing city to visit this time of year.


5. Edinburgh

We were only recently in this little Scottish City and fell in love with it instantly. With cobble stoned streets, many interesting things to do and great food, Edinburgh is perfect for a romantic getaway without breaking the bank! 

Myself and Bryan are off to Amsterdam this weekend to celebrate Bryan’s birthday and Valentine’s Day so we are excited to see what the city has to offer. If you are heading on a romantic getaway this weekend to celebrate V Day let us know where your heading in the comments section!

Happy Travels!


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  1. Diane Frisch says:

    Nice list, Nicole! I have been to every city on that list, except Florence, and I agree! Although, i think any city can be romantic if you are there with the right person πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Diane! Oh definitely I agree there, once your with the right person anywhere can be romantic! The cities I mentioned in the post would be the first ones I would think of first if I was planning a romantic trip away but definitely cannot wait to explore more 😊

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      1. Diane Frisch says:

        I would add NYC and Copenhagen… that silly Tivoli at night was amazingly romantic, even in the rain! Total surprise!

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      2. We have not had the pleasure of being to Copenhagen yet believe it or not! It’s definitely on the list for this year or next. It looks amazing!! NYC is just a great city altogether, there’s so much to do there 😊

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      3. Diane Frisch says:

        NYC is my hometown! I need to blog about it. We have just done soooo much there that it feels overwhelming.

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      4. I love NYC! You could do loads of different posts about it to break it down 😊 at least you would never run out of anything to write about!

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      5. Diane Frisch says:

        That is what I think I will need to do- also for the sights heading up the Hudson RIver…it is gorgeous up there, not even all that far north!

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      6. You should defo do a couple of posts about it! πŸ™‚

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  2. kli930 says:

    Great post! I totally agree with all your choices, especially Venice. For me, it’s the perfect city for a romantic trip. I’ll have go to Edinburgh sometime. I’ve never been, but it seems amazing!

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    1. Venice is amazing 😊 you will love Edinburgh it’s such a nice city and it’s small so easy to walk around!


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