Packing for a 48 hour trip

So as everyone probably knows by now, myself and Bryan have returned from a 48 hour trip from the wonderful city of Edinburgh! 

I thought it would be a good  idea to show you how I packed for this trip to help anyone who is going on a similar trip.

If your like me and do not want to be lumping luggage or heavy bags for such a short trip then my suggestion is a medium sized backpack! How would everything fit, I hear you say, well if packed correctly you can be surprised what a medium sized backpack can hold.

I used a backpack shown in the below photos from Zara and while it’s not available online anymore they have plenty more a similar size.

In this bag I packed a change of clothing: a top and jeans, my pyjamas, a vanity bag containing my make up and liquids in a plastic baggie for airport security, underwear, socks and make up wipes. Also in the bag I had my adidas ultra boost (my timberland boots also fit, well without the runners), my hairbrush, naked pallet eyeshadows and my passport in the front pocket. My travel documents also were folded in the front pocket of the bag, and finally my camera.

As you can see in the below picture (apologies in advance I know it’s not great!) everything fits and there is still a little room on top! 

I promise it does close! 🙂

I hope this was of some help to anybody going on a 48 hour trip and struggling with what luggage to bring and also what to pack! You don’t need much but a change of clothes and toiletries so there is no need to pack heavily! Be travel smart when packing and enjoy the trip.

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Happy Travels!


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